About us

The Moestue Group team has a deep and thorough understanding of the market and extensive track record of picking high quality beverages.

Our strong growth is due to a highly competent team of employees and a close understanding of our consumers and customers. A strong financial position enables us to invest considerably in continued growth within our markets.

We have a leading position in HORECA with a strong sales team and close, long-term relations and agreements with our customers.

Moestue Group has a deep understanding of the monopoly business with proven success in winning tenders as well as launching products in the ordering range.

In order to have continued success we strive to have an in-depth understanding of our consumers by investing in research, technology and communication.

We are known to have an outstanding track record when it comes to the quality of our products, as well as always giving professional and trustworthy service and advice to our producers, customers and consumers.


Moestue Group at a glance

Moestue Group is a leading supplier and partner of quality wine, craft beer and spirits in Norway, Sweden and UK/International
  • Norway, Sweden and UK/International
  • 8 companies
  • 12% revenue growth
  • 3m litres in HORECA
  • 65 employees
  • 13m litres
  • +2500 HORECA customers
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