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What is a cookie?

A cookie is one or more text strings that are stored locally in your browser. Cookies can be used for different purposes, for example to recognize when a device (such as the computer or mobile phone) visits a website. In some cases, cookies are used to customize content on a site or save settings that the user has made (for example, remember me when I log in to a website).

The information saved in a cookie has a name of the cookie, and a value (which can be a numeric or text value). Other information includes the domain the cookie is for (e.g., the path/page on the website (if not specified then the cookie is for all pages on the domain), cookie expiry date and time, if the cookie is HTTP only (ie cannot be accessed by javascript) and finally if the cookie is a secure cookie.

Why do we use cookies?

  • We use cookies to keep track of which products you have preferred to choose, so that they can become favorite the next time you visit the page with the same device.
  • We use the Google Analytics tool, which in turn uses cookies to provide user behavior statistics on the site.
  • We use cookies to ensure that you have read this information about cookies when you click the button.

No cookies are used to identify a visitor as an individual or a person, but for statistical purposes only, as an anonymous unique visitor to the site.

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